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0544.0101-CAMPER shoulder bag-turquoise a
0544.0100-CAMPER shoulder bag-black a
0544.0102-CAMPER shoulder bag-iron a
0544.0103-CAMPER shoulder bag-orange b
0544.0101-CAMPER shoulder bag-turquoise b
0544.0100-CAMPER shoulder bag-black b
0544.0102-CAMPER shoulder bag-iron b
0544.0103-CAMPER shoulder bag-orange a0544.0101-CAMPER shoulder bag-turquoise a0544.0100-CAMPER shoulder bag-black a0544.0102-CAMPER shoulder bag-iron a0544.0103-CAMPER shoulder bag-orange b0544.0101-CAMPER shoulder bag-turquoise b0544.0100-CAMPER shoulder bag-black b0544.0102-CAMPER shoulder bag-iron b

CAMPER shoulder bag

Item Code: #0544
Color: black, turquoise, iron, orange

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100%cotton with 100%leather details & magnetic closing

shoulder bag dimensions: ~H:38 cm/ W:53 cm/D:10 cm

Create your own caravan-style summer tale with this handmade beach bag.

Meet your best choice for all your “on-and-off the beach” island wanders!
It can fit two beach towels, all your beach essentials, and its’ soft leather straps make it really convenient to carry.


Born in Athens, Cleo Gkatzeli from her early age expressed her love for colors. That inclination is creatively expressed through her initial studies on Fine Arts, in Campus Arts & Sciences College; with 4 years of scholarships. Her next step is on the Fashion sector. She studies Fashion Design, Pattern making and Styling, in Veloudakis Fashion School. With her successful entry in the School of Fine Arts, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, she steps once again on the field of Painting, from where she once begun. Before launching her own brand in 2011, she takes part in various individual and group exhibitions, including painting, photography and handmade constructions, in Greece and Cyprus. Under the sphere of imagination and aesthetics, the designs of her collections reminds us that everyday life can be inspirational through simple things, with creativity and positive energy.

In particular: