“The story of the missing towel takes place under a summer sun, It’s written in summer mood and in 3rd person, as all fairytales are…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who sensed that something was missing from her closet, something “favorite”.She realized that “Oh, my God”, never
had she owned a beloved beach towel. Never recalled herself carrying or using one that she really loved. Time went by but this matter still
lingered on her mind.So, as soon as the thoughts matured, she set off to go find what she believed was missing.By the very beginning of her journey,
she was surprised to meet people that shared her views. She had no clue that so many people around her thought in the same way. This unexpected realization was a
boost and the support she found in those people made her will grow and flourish. It has been six years since her journey begun and the destination is
still not reached. The journey itself, however, is her happy place. The journey is where she belongs.
And somehow, deep within, she really hopes it will last forever.

Nice to meet you my fellow travelleres,it has been magical so far!
Thank you!”


* Our Brand*

“Cleo Gkatzeli” is a designer brand launched in the market in 2011. It’s all about uniqueness & inspired
creativity. The designer -behind the brand- aims to help people feel special when they use, wear or carry
one of the products of her collection.

* Our Product & Design

The designer’s artistic background makes the products of our brand unique. Since creativity is the source
of differentiation, our brand continuously presents new ideas that relate to various styles.
“Cleo Gkatzeli’s” products are handmade and crafted to give the customers a special blend of both high
quality fashion and practical functionality. The materials chosen are based on their premium quality.
Feel unique, you are!

There is too much fashion going on in our closets.

Too many different trends and styles on what we wear.

I came to realise that we could definitely put some more style in our everyday utility products, such as: the towels.

All of us have some pieces of clothes that we love, so..let’s love our towels as well!

You know… life is too short not to use our fancy towels!
So here are all to find your favorite!

All of these towels are handmade with love and care and can be customized subject to availability of materials.

The uniqueness of the designs is emphasized, so all products might differ from the ones listed.



Cleo Gkatzeli Checks in Fashion Room Service...
Ozon Raw
Η καθημερινότητα είναι γεμάτη σχήματα, χρώματα και ύλες που μπορούν να ενεργοποιήσουν τη φαντασία μου...
The Machine
Εκτός από τα υπέροχα αξεσουάρ, custom made sneakers, ρούχα, καφτάνια και τσάντες.. πιο διάσημες, όπως φαίνεται, είναιοι πετσέτες της, για την παραλία....
Hooked by the look
This special collection by Cleo Gkatzeli reminds us that the summer in Greece never ends!...
Assolutamente uno dei migliori regali che potreste portarvi a casa (o ordinare direttamente da casa) dalla Grecia!...
Greek fashion designer, Cleo Gkatzeli, makes your “beach look” not that ordinary...
Φέτος διάλεξα την super stylish πετσέτα από την Cleo Gatzeli...
Περίτεχνες, πολύχρωμες, double face, με παπιγιόν, κρόσσια, pom pom μπορούμε να περιγράψουμε τις πετσέτες θαλάσσης της Κλειώ Γκατζέλη...
Athens time out
Μία νέα pop up fashion gallery θα δημιουργηθεί φέτος...
Έργα τέχνης στην παραλία
Πετσέτες-έργα τέχνης κάνουν θραύση στην παραλία, αφού έχουν γίνει το απόλυτο trend του φετινού καλοκαιριού...